Rhino Rugby tackle ring

Rhino Rugby makes high quality rugby training gear and apparel including a wide range of hit shield and tackle bags. The tackle ring is available in both youth and senior sizes. And, by the look of the promotional video, it is intentionally marketed to American football players.

Rhino rugby lists the tackle ring’s many advantages over static tackle bags including:


… provides instant feedback on the tacklers body height, and whether or not their aim is accurate…

… it simulates a tackle on the run thus giving the player feedback on the angle and timing of the tackle…

Using the ring at tackling practice means the days of players tackling players, and risking injuring one another, are over.

… allows the tackler to differentiate between the inside and outside of the bag, so they can get used to using the correct shoulder and head placement…


NOTE: This is not a product review! starting7s has not worked with a tackle ring yet, although we hope to have a few before summer football begins.

Based on what I’ve seen in the video, a tackle coach could also use the ring to correct several common tackling faults.

  • Ask the tackler to practice punching through the hole with his lead arm, as though targeting the ball carrier’s far knee, to correct the common side tackling fault of targeting the near leg.
  • Strap a ball into the hole as a target to reinforce keeping the head up and eyes open during tackle entry.
  • Let a player take it home to practice tracking and tackling alone. After all, experience is the best teacher.

I’m keen to see whether the ring truly provides instant feedback on poor technique. If so, then the Rhino Rugby tackle ring is a must-have diagnostic tool for any tackle coach.

If you’ve worked with the tackle ring (or similar products) please leave a comment describing your experience.


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