Argentina rugby open field tackling drill

I don’t use tackle bags because ball carriers (BCs) aren’t sitting ducks. They don’t stand still waiting to get hit. This tackling drill from Argentina rugby makes good use of the tackle bag. The speed and angle of the bag encourages proper tracking and low body height in the tackle.

This drill addresses two common tackling faults:

  1. Breaking down too far from the target, which forces the tackler to dive for the bag
  2. Staying high in the tackle instead of targeting through the thighs

The tackler at -0:08 (red bag) has the best technique.

Coaching points:

    • Head behind shoulder tackle — practice both shoulders
    • Stay tall then power step into the hula hoop same shoulder same foot
    • Tackler should keep head up with good neck position (correct any ducking, diving)
    • Target drags the bag in his far hand so the tackler’s momentum carries the bag away from his legs

Adjust the vertical angle of the bag, the angle of pursuit, and the speed of the BC to moderate difficulty.

NOTE: Do not use this drill to practice tackling from behind the BC. Tacklers approaching from 7-5 o’clock (if ball carrier is running to 12)  will roll up the BC’s legs.

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